October 31, 2002

Baby's First Picture

We went for our second sonogram on Halloween. Definitely more of a treat than a trick! The first sonogram didn't yield any pictures, and was just to confirm that the bean was in my uterus where it belonged and not floating somewhere in my abdomen, or, God forbid, in my only fallopian tube. We got that confirmation, but that was all, because it was too soon to see anything else.

This time, there was a little more to see. Not, much, but there it was: the all important heart beat. It was absolutely amazing to see that little flutter on the screen; the still pictures just don't capture it. Nor do they capture the utter joy and relief that Mike and I felt when we saw it. This little bean is alive and beating in there. What a miracle.

Posted by Dineen at October 31, 2002 06:55 PM
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