May 09, 2003

Almost Ready!

A few weeks ago, I was in a total panic that we didn't have anything for this baby -- very few clothes, no diapers, no crib, no changing area. Nada. The room had poor lighting, poor wiring, and drab cream walls, and a really icky rug on the floor.

How far we've come! The room is now painted a cheerful, warm yellow with purple trim and whimsical swirls and stars, and friends and family have in the past two weeks just showered us with everything we need. The electricity is mostly fixed, and there is a bright white ceiling fan on a dimmer rather than wacky 50s wall fixtures to keep the place bright. We have the Carlson family cradle all set up, and the full-sized crib in the living room awaiting assembly. We have several dozen diapers (both cloth and disposable), a diaper pail, clothes galore in a range of sizes, a bouncy seat, a swing, a car seat and stroller, a baby bathtub, and all sorts of other baby accessories. There are still several jobs to do -- it's not quite all put together -- but things are feeling all sorts of more under control.

Good thing -- a week from today, I am considered full term!

Posted by Dineen at May 9, 2003 06:32 PM
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