May 19, 2003

No news is good news, I guess...

Doc's appointment this morning was pretty much uneventful. Blood pressure remains good, weight remains good, baby remains head down and in launch position, we won't know until next week if my cervix has done anything cool, although I doubt it has since I haven't felt any contractions, not even Braxton-Hicks contractions. I am hoping maybe I am one of those lucky gals who has contrax and doesn't even know it! The only new (and good!) news is that I tested negative for Group B Strep, which is a minor miracle considering how buggy I have been with all of the bladder and kidney infections. So, no IV antibiotics the second I walk into the hospital, which is nice. I should be able to get by with just the hep lock in case of emergency, rather than being tethered to a pole.

So, nothing to do but continue waiting. Oh, and finish thank you notes. And finish announcements list. And pick out announcements. And finish laundry. And get myself organized at work. So, I think baby ought to stay put for a little while longer!

Posted by Dineen at May 19, 2003 02:58 PM
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