June 02, 2003

Comfort Food

As the pregnancy is winding down, I am realizing that I have been fooling myself when I have said that I haven't had any cravings. Certainly, Mike has been lucky enough to not have me send him out in the middle of the night to find an open Dairy Queen in the middle of the winter, or anything like that. And I haven't sought out particularly odd food combos. But in retrospect, my "cravings" have been for the comfort foods of my youth. They include:

Artichokes -- I have eaten more artichokes this pregnancy than in probably the several years prior. I'll make myself two and call it dinner. Not exactly a balanced meal, but yummy.

Pierogis -- Go Mrs. Ts. When nothing else sounded good to me, I would have 5-6 of these with sour cream and call it dinner. Again, not balanced, but it made me happy.

Breakfast foods -- In general, I am a big fan of breakfast. Unlike my husband, if it's 11:30 and we're about to eat our first meal of the day, I want eggs or pancakes while he wants a sandwich or burger. This feeling has intensified during pregnacy. Last weekend Mike and I decided to go out for our first meal of the day at around 1 pm (hey, give us a break, we won't be sleeping in again for a long, long time!) and he said to me "I assume you want breakfast food?" I burst into tears at how thoughtful that was. Then went to IHOP for pancakes and eggs. Since Mike isn't big on breakfast foods, I don't make waffles or pancakes or even my beloved Palacsinta (Hungarian Crepes) all that often, and we generally don't do the "breakfast for dinner" thang. But while pregnant, I've stepped up my breakfast food cooking, even if it also meant making something else for Mike.

Fried Eggplant -- This has been one of my favorite dishes ever since I was 5 or thereabouts and Mom tricked me into liking it by teaching me how to prep and cook it myself (note to self: remember that trick!). But I don't make it too often because it is just so fried. Still, made it at least twice during the pregnancy, plus order it at Luigis when I get a hankering.

It's not pickles and ice cream, but it's what I've craved.

Posted by Dineen at June 2, 2003 02:47 PM
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