June 06, 2003

Due Date

Well, here it is D-Day. I don't feel anything different -- no twinges, nothing. Which is probably even a good thing, given my schedule. Besides, the doctor and I have always disagreed on my due date -- he says it's tomorrow.

I've finally gotten it through my head that most folks just don't realize that I am this close to the big date. It's not like I wear a sign around my neck that says June 6th, and people have been consistently surprised in the past two-three weeks when I reveal when I am due. So while I am proud of myself for keeping the weight down, I wish things were just a tad more obvious. Maybe people would have given me more of a break.

But that doesn't matter now. My desk is almost clear, and things are almost handed off. Somehow, some way, it will all be done today, because it has to be. And whatever isn't just couldn't have been that important. Certainly this babe is much more important!

And poor Michael -- an all-nighter, a quick shower, then back to the office for another full day. He's got something like five pleadings in four different cases to file in four different courts today. Thank goodness he was on a Lawyer Ninja High when he came home for that shower; hopefully it will get him through the day and he can get some sleep soon. I personally am hoping the babe makes its appearance on Sunday or so -- gives Mike a chance to rest a little, gives Tucker a chance to get groomed on Saturday, gives Mike and I both a chance to have a massage and a little pampering on Saturday evening, and allows Mom and Dad the chance to get down to our house at their leisure. Get all of our brains in the right place for this life altering experience.

Wish us luck.

Posted by Dineen at June 6, 2003 09:20 AM
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