June 15, 2003

Day of Firsts

Today (our first full day home) has been a day of firsts. Most importantly, Alex got his first taste of real live milk today -- no more colostrum for him! I was a little surprised (but very relieved!) to see it. My surprise translated into his first squirted faceful of breastmilk as well. This probably means the next few days will be tough on us both as he gets used to actually having his tummy full, and I get used to breasts like udders. But I am happy to be making progress on the milk front.

Another first was our first ride in the stroller on our first Fathers' Day. We went for a nice walk around the block as a family, Mommy, Daddy, Alex and Tucker. The weather was perfect -- not too sunny or warm, so we didn't have to cover him up too much, and he could see the world and get a little exposure to sunlight so he doesn't turn as yellow as his onesie. Mommy was pretty tired after that. Alex was more of a trooper than Mommy was; he probably could have made it all the way to the park. But Mommy still has a lot of hurties where they cut her, so we all went home. Mommy and Alex both had a nice nap at home.

During said nap, Mommy and Nani together gave Alex his first manicure (no polish). That's a terrifying Mommy job! Hopefully now, he won't cut his face when he tries to get his fingers into his mouth.

Just before we started this entry, I put Alex to sleep by singing to him for the first time. A combo of silly stuff I made up, and "Arms Wide Open" by Creed. Hormones being what they are, the latter had me in tears before I could finish, but luckily, he was asleep by that point. Which leads us to a final first: First one-handed blog entry with a sleeping baby on my chest. It certainly won't be the last of those, that's for sure!

Posted by Dineen at June 15, 2003 05:06 PM

Apparently when I was a kid, I ended up with some jaundice, and got to spend a lot of time outdoors and naked. *sigh* it was cool then, now the neighbors just look at me funny.

Posted by: Tom Bridge on June 17, 2003 08:48 AM
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