December 06, 2003


We were so blessed to be surrounded by friends and family as Alex received the sacrament of baptism today. He looked like the beautiful innocent babe he is in a sure-to-be-heirloom Christening gown my mother hand-sewed with the remains of her wedding gown.
She had used some of the gown to make the ring bearer pillow and a purse for me to carry at my wedding, and now this gown. I hope that it gets worn by many, many, many babies in our family. (And get over it, men -- it's a Christening gown, not a dress, and the baby only has to wear it for an hour, tops!)

Mel and Greg honored us by agreeing to serve as Alex's Godparents. It amazes me that we are so lucky to have such wonderful friends in our lives. They adore Alex, and he will be lucky to know them too.

Aunt Katie and Tom and Nana and Pop Pop all did a wonderful job reading, and Father Alexei officiated. As Mike noted, Father Alexei really brings the true meaning of church to every mass and ceremony over which he presides, and it was so special to have the continuity of having him preside over our wedding, and now the baptism of our son three years later.

The weather, unfortunately, kept some folks away. They were missed. But we had a lovely time visiting with everyone at the party afterwards. Even when everyone else had gone, Aunt Mel and Uncle Greg and Grandpa and Aunt Katie and Nana and Pop Pop stayed, and we talked and laughed and sang and played most of the day. Alex relished the attention.

Posted by Dineen at December 6, 2003 08:28 PM
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