December 12, 2003

First Evening Out

Aunt Tiff was nice enough to babysit Alex this evening so Mommy and Daddy could attend Mommy's grown up work party. I was a little stressed about him sleeping, but I was able to get him to sleep and in his crib while I waited for my hair to set. He was asleep on her lap when we got home, although there was waking and crying and eating in between. All in all, I wasn't as stressed about leaving him with a babysitter for the first time as I thought I would be -- I guess I am used to it because of day care. I still don't like leaving him at night, but I can do it if I must, and we were lucky to have someone like Tiff who was willing to help out.

(Tiff may well have her own version of the night's events....)

Posted by Dineen at December 12, 2003 08:20 PM
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