January 04, 2004

Nani Weekend

My Mom came down for a last-minute weekend because she just can't get enough of her little man (and because I needed to get some work in). On Saturday morning, Alex came with me to work and showed off his organizational skills. On Sunday, Nani and Mommy and Alex went to Babies R Us and just for fun tested out the Jeep walker. I'm not too keen on walkers, but boy, was this sucker cute! We don't have the room for it anyway, but I was glad I had the camera in my purse to capture the cuteness.

We also went food shopping, and I tried out my new Ergo Carrier for the first time. Alex even got to eat while he was in it at Trader Joe's! I love the picture (even though I look like hell) because he just looks so Elf-like with his ear sticking out and his eyes peering over the carrier.

Posted by Dineen at January 4, 2004 10:22 PM

It's wonderful that you keep the camera with you so often and are able to capture the beauty in Alex's life as it unfolds.
Keep up the good work - all the sharing of these precious moments is appreciated.

Posted by: Daddy on January 29, 2004 05:33 PM
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