January 25, 2004

Take it to the bank

I finally opened Alex's first bank account today. Yes, on a Sunday! We decided to go with an old-fashoined passbook savings account at our church's credit union. St Ann's has the smallest federally accredited credit union in the country! It's run solely by volunteers from the church, and is open only on Sunday mornings from 8 am til noon. Nothing like a passbook savings account to really make you think about the money you are taking out and putting in each time. The entries are even hand written. We opened the account with a gift check we had received, and plan on using the account to deposit any and all rolled change we save up, as well as Alex's gifts and such. It's local (unlike the Internet bank we use for our day-to-day transactions) and open when I am available, and there are no fees!

Posted by Dineen at January 25, 2004 11:25 AM
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