April 11, 2004

Ten Months

Alex is ten months old today. At ten months, he stands unassisted (though he needs something to pull up on to get in that position), can cruise a piece of furniture like nobody's business, and can walk several steps without holding on and across a room with a single adult finger for balance. He laughs a lot, particularly at the dog, when Mommy sticks her tongue out, and when leaned backwards. In fact, he likes playing "wheeeee" backwards so much that you have to be careful when you are holding him that he doesn't throw himself backwards out of your hands. He claps his own hands, both to imitate an adult, in response to being asked to "clap hands, Alex, clap hands!", and even sometimes at the correct spots in "When You're Happy and You Know It!" He climbs up staris quickly, and has gotten down stairs, laboriously. He has a lot of hair for a little guy, and really is getting to the point where he needs a haircut, though I can't bring myself to do it. He has big brown eyes that are his most complimented feature -- which I always marvel at, because usually it is the blue eed babes who get noticed for that feature. He has a gorgeous, heartbreaking grin that has not a sign of a tooth. And thank goodness, because his kisses, while loving, are still often open-mouthed, and often involve taking my entire chin into his mouth. He reaches for Mommy and Daddy, and says Mama and Dada like he means it. He also tries to say Tucker, and dog, and Claudia and her partner swear he said stop the other day. He's hit-or-miss about waving goodbye, although he did do so today after brunch. He loves to feed himself tofu, rutebega, cheerios, carrots, and just about any other veggie or fruit I put in front of him.
My baby boy is ten months old today, and I already feel like I am losing my baby. How am I going to make it through the next 20 years?

Posted by Dineen at April 11, 2004 11:06 AM

Ahhhhha...now you know how I feel!!! I had a baby or two once, but they done gone and growed up on me!!! Hard to believe he is ten months old already! and walking and talking...hmm, guess he is turning into a TODDLER!!!!!

Posted by: Momma on April 12, 2004 12:21 AM

What's the plan for the big 1 year old birthday party?

Posted by: Aunt Jen Guy on April 12, 2004 04:04 PM

I started reading your blog when I was pregnant last summer, and now my baby is coming up on 10 months old! I can't believe it when I go to stores and see whole aisles of clothes that he is now too big for - sniff.

Posted by: Bonnie on September 24, 2004 05:09 PM
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