May 17, 2004

And then there were three!

Alex woke up this morning with two more teeth then he had the night before. Today the right upper front tooth finally popped all the way through. The bottom right tooth also popped through and is now visible to the naked eye. The bottom left tooth is not through yet, but is on its way -- I am suddenly expert at knowing what I am looking for in the tooth department.

Not coincidentally, I woke up this morning with a little scab on my nipple. Yow. I think now that teeth are in the picture we may have to work on our sleep positioning to make sure his latch hasn't gotten too lazy. He hasn't purposely bit me with the new choppers yet (*knock wood*) and I am trying not to worry about him doing so. We went through and nipped in the bud (so to speak!) a gumming problem a few months ago, so I hope and pray that he got it out of his system then.

Posted by Dineen at May 17, 2004 12:49 PM
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