May 26, 2004

Manhattan Adventure

Alex reaped the benefits of Mommy having to go to New York City for a work event. While Mommy did her thing at the conference center, Alex got to hang with Nani all around the town. He even got the added bonus of spending Saturday night at Nani and Pop Pop's house, which meant a Sunday afternoon visit with Tootsie Nani and Aunt Margo, as well as dinner at Outback with Nani and Pop Pop and Uncle Dennis and C.Jaye. He managed to hitch a ride on Pop Pop's shoulders as we were leaving Outback. Then, it was off to the City for Alex, Mommy and Nani.

The next morning, Alex and Nani slept in while Mommy went to her conference. What a sight they were! They slept til almost eleven, then got cleaned up and dressed and met Mommy for some moo juice.
After that, it was off to Central Park. They played at the playground, and visited the penguins at the zoo. That night, I strapped Alex to my back and we walked all around the hotel. Before it got dark, we walked around Rockefeller Center and the NBC Studios area, and past Radio City Music Hall. We caught dinner at an Indian restaurant, although Alex slept through that part of the evening. Then we walked down Seventh Avenue, where Alex was absolutely entranced by the lights in Times Square. The best part is, at around midnight, Mike arrived on the train, and was able to join me the next day to watch me speak (and do the lionshare of the driving home). All in all, a great trip!

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