July 31, 2004

Dental Hygiene

We're trying to instill good habits early. Soon after those first teeth arrived, we broke out the toothbrush and started brushing Alex's teeth after his bath every night. Well, I put the toothpaste on and do a quick once over. Then Alex insists on taking over himself! He also helps out by brushing Mommy's teeth, too. His favorite part is at the end when you get to spit. He cracks up when Mommy or Daddy make a spitting noise into the sink. He slurps a sip of water out of Mommy's hand, then *pthew!* (although he usually swallows the water first...we're still working on that one). There's video of this process here.

Posted by Dineen at July 31, 2004 11:45 PM
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