August 31, 2004

Potty time!

It's early yet, so we certainly aren't pushing Alex to potty train. Still, I have a little potty in the bathroom where Alex takes his nightly bath, and I do ask him if he wants to sit on it before he pops into the tub every night. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't, and either way is fine. Well, last night, he not only sat, but he actually (in mommy-speak) went pee pee on the potty! Much clapping and praise ensued, and I even called Mike into the room to help heap on the positive reinforcement.

Does it mean potty training is right around the corner? Probably not, but that's OK. The first time is still the first time. I am sure he will be so happy to read this when he is 16 years old (NOT). I hope, at least, he'll have an appreciation for this entry when he's a daddy himself.

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(I tried to send you an email from your contact page but it either didn't go through, or I wasn't sent to a redirect page after I hit Send about 5x... so here's my email a 6th time if you've gotten it 5x already!)

I'm a fellow FF'er and found your website a while back when you posted a link to it in one of your posts on FF. I was poking around today (looking for Alex's 1st birthday invitation that I had seen before, trying to see again how you worded the "no gifts" tidbit...) and had to share two things with you that made a real difference here with DD tonight!

For a while now we've noticed that our daughter Ava LOVES tags, the tags on her blankets, the boppy, toys, etc. She handles them so delicately, it's like she's actually reading the instructions on how to wash it! Anyway, today I happened upon a picture of Alex with the blanket you call taggies! My mouth dropped open when I saw it! I immediately fell in love with this blanket and called DH's aunt tonight (a retired Home Ec teacher!) to see if she would make Ava one of these. This is the PERFECT idea for a blanket/lovie for her! I can't wait to start hunting for tags! :)

The other thing I read today is that you had Alex laughing when you fake sneezed and that someone had mentioned it to you that it worked on their baby. It occurred to me at one point tonight try it and lo and behold it sent Ava into a fit of giggles! Real belly laughs! She is 6 months old (tomorrow!) and has only really laughed for a us few times, so it just tickeled us to hear her laughing so hard. No matter how I did it, "sneezed" loud or soft, built up with a good "Ah... Ah... Ah...", when DH sneezed, she just laughed and laughed, we loved it! It was just the cutest thing ever.

So when I came back to your website tonight from home to find that picture of Alex with taggies to send to DH's aunt, I felt compelled to email you and let you know how your bloggs affected us here in NY tonight. Too too funny! (I couldn't be more excited about that blanket! How on earth did your friend come up with that?! What a great idea. Other babies love tags? Who knew!?)

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and your web site is great! I wonder what Alex will think of that one day when he's all grown up... :)

Take care,
Alison (alibaby)

Posted by: Alison on September 7, 2004 09:37 PM
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