September 28, 2004

Chef Alex

Alex is becoming quite a helper in the kitchen. Last night we had chicken, white bean, and kale soup for dinner, and Alex helped with the prep. First he helped Mommy peel the carrots. If any piece of peel missed the sink and landed on the counter, he immediately picked it up and dropped it in the disposal. Then he helped Mommy open the cans of beans. Each time a can was opened, he uttered an "ooooh!" of wonderment at the pretty white beans that were revealed. He helped hold the strainer while I poured in the beans. He also served as bean taste tester. Then he did the most fun job ever -- MASHING the beans! I showed him how to use the potato masher to smoosh them down, and he smoosh, smoosh, smooshed them on his own! We got some video of that process, to come. Overall, a lovely cooking experience.

I think we have to make cookies this weekend or something....

Posted by Dineen at September 28, 2004 01:35 PM
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