October 04, 2004

Language Explosion

Alex is really starting to get the whole talking thing, all of a sudden. This past week or so, he has started to:

Baaa like a sheep.
Moo like a cow.
ROAR like a lion and/or tiger.
Say "hat" when reading "Old Hat, New Hat."
Say "Daddy" very clearly.
Say "bye bye" when appropriate to say good bye to a person, an animal, or (most interestingly) whenever Daddy turned off the vacuum cleaner.
Mimic counting. I was stacking some blocks for him and saying "One-Two-Three" as I did it, and he tried very hard to say the same as he made his own stack.
Say "doggie" pretty clearly when he sees any dog, not just Tucker.
Say "up" then sign please when we wants to be picked up.
Say "down" when apprpriate, including during "Ring Around the Rosy"
Say "stand up" when I ask him to stand up after a diaper change so I can pull up his pants.

There are probably others I am forgetting. I just see him taking off on the whole talking thing in the next few weeks!

Posted by Dineen at October 4, 2004 10:13 AM
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