December 27, 2004


Our Christmas wasn't white, but no matter -- we got a great few inches of snow today at Nani and PopPop's house for Alex to play in a few days later. We bundled up Alex the best we could in layers since he doesn't have a snowsuit, and just went crazy. I tried to show Alex how to make snow angels, and he gave it a shot. He loved to play with the snow, and he sorta got the idea of how to make a snowball. I also tried to make a small snowman, which was immediately demolished.

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December 23, 2004

Prepping for Santa

Today we laid the groundwork for a visit from good ol' Saint Nick. In the morning, Alex and Mommy and Nani made Christmas cookies. Alex is getting to be an old pro at rolling out dough and cutting it. And playing in the flour. And, of course, eating the dough despite my half-hearted attempts to stop it.

Then after jammies we decorated the Christmas tree. Alex especially liked playing with the strings of beads, and ooohing and aaahing over the ornaments as they went up on the tree.

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