June 19, 2005

Big Boy Bed!

Alex slept in his big boy bed for the first time last night. He really likes it! The bed was a gift from Nani and Pop Pop for his second birthday, because two is, after all, a big boy age. The transition went smoother than I would have expected. He climbed into the bed and snuggled down to sleep (didn't even nurse!) and I stayed in the room until he was out, about 15 minutes or so. He woke once during the night, and I offered to nurse but he asked for and was happily given some water instead and he went right back to sleep. Still no dice for naps, but that was a problem in the crib, too. We moved the crib out completely today, and he went down for bed tonight pretty easily again. What a big boy!

This is my big boy bed!

See how I sleep in my big boy bed?

That's my crib. I don't need it anymore because I am two!

Posted by Dineen at June 19, 2005 09:26 PM
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