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First Graders are #1!

First Graders are #1!

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Alex started first grade today! He was very excited, and even consented to make Mommy happy by wearing a button shirt (well, at least for the picture. Then he took it off). He was most excited about finally being allowed to wear his new shoes, to be honest, but school was good, too.

My heart broke just a little that he wanted to take the bus rather than have me drop him off at school, but I guess that is what happens when you become a big first grader. He put up with my request for a #1 pose on the front steps before we left to commemorate the start of First Grade.

His after school caretakers were kind enough to call and tell me he had a good first day. When I picked him up, he was very excited. He pronounced that he LOVES his teacher, that he got a superstar, and that the morning work was so easy. At dinner, he was very talkative about every detail of his day — a welcome change from kindergarten, where it was tough to get anything out of him at all. What a difference just a few months seems to have made! Here’s hoping that this is the start of a trend.

At dinner, Daddy told him about his own first day of first grade, and the story of how the bus driver failed to stop at his house and then blamed him for not piping up sooner. When I heard that story pre-kids, I laughed about it. As a Mom, all I can think of is how terrible and terrified Mike’s Mom must have felt that day!

┬┐Donde es su cabesa?

Ask Alex this question, and he will very smartly tap his head. He does it in English, too. He also waves bye-bye and hello, says “hi!” and “bye!” He signes for milk and for eat. If you sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” he churns his arms to the music. And coming soon: footage of our little man the dancer! He loves to boogie waaaay down.
Our little boy is so cute! And there is a lot going on in that cabesa right now…