November 23, 2002

Deep Thoughts

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November 04, 2002

Seminole Baby

We told our Florida crowd of friends about the babybean this past weekend. It was a tough choice -- on the one hand, it is still a little early; I'm only 10 weeks along. But on the other hand, we saw the heartbeat, and somehow that made all the difference for me as far as telling people are concerned. The risk of miscarriage is way down once a heartbeat is confirmed. So, my preference for telling people in person outweighed the notion of waiting two more weeks. We don't see these folks all that often.

We did an FSU football game viewing party for several folks (and their own kids, aged 18 months and younger!). It was interesting to see three little ones toddling around Mom and Dad W.'s living room. Definitely a window into what is to come with our own little one. J. made it easy for us to tell by asking Mom within minutes of her arrival, "so when are you going to be a grandmother?" [You could hear the *hint, hint* in her voice.] Mom gave me a look, and I said "well, June 6th or thereabouts!" The assmebled crowd was just dumbstruck for a moment. Then we showed off the framed sonogram picture we gave Mom for her birthday. I am sure that baby will have a Seminole outfit and other 'Noles gear within weeks of being born. Certainly that will be the case if Aunt Jen has anything to do with it!

We also went to another couple's house for dinner, and told them and their two little ones. The husband immediately said "I thought something was up when you didn't have wine with dinner!" They were also thrilled to death.

It is so fun to tell people about the little bean. I am sure this wonderful feeling will be magnified thousandfold when we get to shout from the rooftops "It's a ____!"

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