March 21, 2004

Watch Those Gears Spinnin'

Alex has made such amazing cognitive leaps the past few days, and you can literally see the wheels a turnin' as he thinks things through. He now understands that you can put one item inside of another. I realized it a few nights ago, when he put a toy in the trash under my desk (uh oh...). Yesterday, he finally got it with the stacking cups. Well, almost -- he was trying to put the big one inside the smaller one, and getting very frustrated that it wasn't working. So I sat down with him and showed him how the RED one goes inside the YELLOW one. He concentrated very hard, then copied what I showed him. Much clapping on my part ensued. He then did it several more time, waiting for me to clap each time.

This morning, he made a similar discovery with the shape sorter. We have a soft Lamaze one. I brought it into the bed for family snuggle time, and he did managed to put the shapes in the holes. Yay, Alex!

Posted by Dineen at March 21, 2004 12:32 PM
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