May 27, 2005

Tis a Puzzlement!

Lately, Alex is really into his wooden puzzles. You know the kind, with the peg handles on the pieces and the picture underneath under the shapes to help you out? He loves them. He has a rack that holds several, and they get progressively harder. We started with the animals, which have the biggest pegs. He can do that one lickety split, and loves to finish it and then turn the base over and start all over again. We do the annimal sounds as we go, and he newest favorite animal goes "cocka-dooooooo!" The car one has smaller pegs, and that one is also pretty easy for him now.

Last night, he asked for the alphabet puzzle, in lieu of a bedtime story. Well, he didn't ask for the alphabet per se, but he rejected annimals and cars, but eagerly snatched the alphabet one when I offered it. It's the hardest yet, because it has so many pieces, and he doesn't know the alphabet quite yet. But the pictures underneath the letters are of things that start with that letter, and so when he picks up the B, for example, I say "That's a B, buh, buh, B stands for Ball!" and then he scans for the appropriate picture and gets the letter in place. With that type of guidance, he can do the whole thing! Although I do wish they hadn't done a "Jet" for J, as he looks at that picture and shouts "airplane!"

It is just amazing to see how each time he does it, he gets the pieces in faster and lines them up quicker. You can just see him learning!

Posted by Dineen at May 27, 2005 01:19 PM
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