A reader

Alex is becoming a true and true reader.  Last night he read me an entire Scholastic level 1 (“big type and easy words”) book about Wall*E.  It was mostly about smashing trash.  He only needed help with a few words:  everywhere, uncubes, treads.  The rest, he sounded out entirely by himself.  The great thing is, even as he is heavily focussed on sounding out particular words, he is also aware of tone while he is reading out loud.  He will read a sentence, then go back again and read it with feeling to get a good intonation for it (which is something I do when we read together, so I will take credit there!).  He was so very proud of himself!

Today he got a superstar at school — for probably the third time all year.  He was thrilled.  Somehow, I think last night’s accomplishment and today’s are connected.